Friday 28th July

11:00  Maynard Flip Flap  (Om F)

12:30  The Story Professors (Om F)

13:30  Billy Buttons Fantabulous Kazoo Orchestra (0 F)

14:30  Maynard Flip Flap (O F)

16:00  The Story Professors (F)

Spot Cyril the Squirrel making appearances throughout the day

18:00  Bob Slayer: Whatever Next (Om 16+)

19:30  Lucy Hopkins: Powerful Women are About (Om16+)

 21:00  The Clown Fest Bestest Cabaret in the North West  (Om 16+)



Saturday 29th July

10:30  Little Wonder  (O F) 

11:15  Cyril the Squirrel  (Om F)

12:15  Little Wonder  (O F) 

13:15  Honky Bonk  (Om F) 

15:00  Cyril the Squirrel  (Om F)

16:30  Pudding & Lulu (Om 12+)

Look out for Waggledance making appearances throughout the day

18:00  Roisin & Chiara (Om 14+)

19:30  The Establishment  (Om 16+)

21:00  Red Bastard  (Om 16+)

All Clown Fest's Family shows are Pay What You Want.

0 - Outdoor

Om - The Omnitorium

F- Family







Your only given a little spark of madness you mustn't lose it - Robin Williams



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