Tickets and Pricing:


Adult shows £6.50 or 2 seperate shows for £10

Red Bastard £8.00

Clown Fest Bestest Cabaret in the NorthWest £8.00

Advance tickets for all adult shows can be bought here


Family Shows operate on a Pay What You Can Afford scheme.

The way this works is the shows are free to get in and Pay What You Can Afford on the way out (Recommended ticket price per show £5.00) You can still book tickets to ensure your seats but have to collect 20 minutes before the show starts.




Clown Fest Manchester, is a celebration of laughter, comedy and the ridiculous in Manchester city centre at an affordable price.

"Life is too short to be serious all the time so if you can't laugh at yourself... Call me I'll laugh at you" -  Anonymous

                                            #What a Buzz